Travels / Events

  • Entertain me in a get together with my slave in Glostrup 1/12, 8/12, 11/12, 18/12, 20/12.
  • Christmas event 13/12 together with Lady Tiara and Lady Sophia Larou.. info will be postet soon!

  • I´m looking for aktive participants for a gangbang:In a few months I will arrange a Gangbang with one of my sissy slaves as the recipient and me as the dominatrix guiding! In connection with this, I am looking for contacts for possible active participants so if you are interested in participating and being active you are welcome to send me an email with the heading "GB active" and I will contact you when it becomes relevant. Everything will be safe(condoms etc.) and you must be aware of that you will have a submissive role towards me and I require that you have experience in that role! Practical info about price, date, setup etc has not been determined yet !

Travel plan:

Sm-studio in Almere (NL): 4 + 5 Dec

SM Studio Almere – luxe sm kamers met vergunning (

When Im not travelling Im based in Copenhagen. I offer sessions in a sm-studio “Golden World of Fetish” which is in Glostrup: Link coming !

Duo sessions and events in Copenhagen: