My kink list

My kink list !

This is my list of kinks, that I have years of experience in.

If you have wishes that are not listed here, you are welcome to write a request.

I'm not interested in requests that include intimet sexual contact where I'm the receiver. Penetrating you with a strapon is of course very welcome.

No real animals or children.

Before contacting me, read which info I require


Strapon training


Anal training: Strapon, pegging, stretching, fuck machine, rape play.

Strapon: Suck my cock, learn/watch me masturbate, cock worship, throat fucking.

Feminization: Dress you up, dirty talk you in your feminine, fucking you as a woman/slut/lesbian.

I have many sizes of dildoes and different kinds of toys for analplay.

Ejaculation Control and Chastity.

Ejaculation control: I own your cock and I decide when and how you ejaculate.

Chastity: locked short or long term (bring your own).

AssigmentsMasturbation assignments etc.

Ejaculation I allow only once in a while for comitted/contract slaves/subs (IRL or online). 

Pain games


Impact play