Is ejaculation possible?

In general, no. However, in some circumstances, and only for regular customers over a longer period, ejaculation can be a possibility in the context of the exploration of certain fantasies. An example could be bisexual fantasies involving sperm. Ejaculation can also be part of a prolonged take-home assignment. However, ejaculation will remain the exception with me. Again, please respect this and do not insist otherwise.

Why is ejaculation excluded?

Ejaculation tends to make the sessions short, hurried and trivial. And uninteresting to me. However, it is important to note that avoiding ejaculation does not mean avoiding orgasms. In fact, avoiding ejaculation is the royal road to deeper and longer orgasms and experiences. Learning this is part of what I offer.   

Can I have a domina-slave contract with you?

It is possible to establish a domina-slave relationship with me, based on a contract. This can only be done after you have been a regular customer over a period of minimum three months.

Where do your skills come from?

I have years of experience in various forms of BDSM, fetish play and neo-tantra. I combine know-how from these different sources into a personal, unique approach.

Can I buy your lingerie or other personal items?

Yes. Contact me and specify your request.